Growth Guardian, Fresh elixir

What is Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir?

It is simple, Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir coats

and feeds your plants, creating a protective barrier

as an alternative to using toxic petrochemicals, or

other toxic concentrates. Plus, it can be used at all

stages of a plants growth cycle, including flowering

and harvest stages.

How Do I Use Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir?

Contrary to many other products which must be used

sparingly, or which should not be used at different stages

of a plants growth cycle, Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir

can be applied at any point in a plants life cycle, through

flowering and harvest. Simply apply when the plant is dry.

Fully coat the plant, including flowers, for the most

beneficial effect.

Why Does Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir Work?

Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir coats the plant, creating a

natural barrier between it and the environment, thereby aiding

the plants natural ability to resist environmental hazards.

It doesn't use harmful petrochemicals or toxic concentrates

to resist these pests, it simply coats the plant with a

proprietary blend of organic carbohydrates and nutrients.

Where do I find Fresh Elixir?

Visit your local hardware or hydroponic supply

store and ask for Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir.

Currently, Growth Guardian, Fresh Elixir is being

sold at the store links below.







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